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Visa application service is a service provided by the SAI KRISHNA TOURS Hyderabad, it acts as logistics agent with responsibility to reserve from a applicant applying for a visa to any country, the applicant’s passport, completed visa form, supporting documentation and the applicable fees. SAI KRISHNA TOURS is also responsible for submitting the application to the embassy / consulate of the respective country on behalf of the applicant.

The embassy / consulate of the respective country reserves the right to as for the future documentation and refuse the visa application. SAI KRISHNA TOURS is not liable for the delay in processing or rejection of the visa application, whilst every precautions is taken while handling the passport of applicants and important documents submitted in support thereof, due to unforeseen events and circumstance, the passport and documents may be lost in transit by accident, theft, natural calamities or any other reason, SAI KRISHNA TOURS will not be liable or responsible in any manner to the applicant for the same.

SAI KRISHNA TOURS is no liable for any cost rising from cancellation of flights or hotels booking or tour packages due to visa rejection. The application accepts that the courier acceptance and delivery services on part of the courier company, in case of passport is lost damaged in transit, the liability of SAI KRISHNA TOURS is restricted to reimbursement fo fees charged by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of Indian and replacement of lost, damaged passport thro normal applicator procedure, SAI KRISHNA TOURS shall not be responsible or liable for any consequential loss or damage caused to the applicant due to loss of his/her passport and supporting documents.

It is expressly understood that when the applicant or representative of the application submits the passport, the visa form and the supporting documentation along with the applicable fees, the applicant has to understand the terms, conditions and details here in. Application fees and related charges once paid by the applicant are not refundable under any circumstances, Law prevalent in India is applicable as a part of the cause of action arises in Hyderabad and the company has its registered office in Hyderabad, it is agreed between parties the exclusive the jurisdiction shall visit in court/forum/tribunal In Hyderabad alone having jurisdiction to decide the matter.

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