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About us

Sai Ram a young chap with a very strong spiritual inclination and bend of mind, initiated to travel agency in 2006 with a sole intention of providing excellent service to his aged customers.
His passion for travelling to holy places started way back in 1989 when one of his friends visited Badrinath. When Sai Ram saw the huge bundles of woolen clothes and thick rugs and mattresses being carried by his friend, he was wonderstruck about the snow and chill factor associated with that place, hailing from a place where he never ever felt the need to take out his jackets or sweaters. It made him think, whether he would be ever able to visit such a wonderful place? Then he didn’t know that one day he is going to turn a tour operator himself.
At a later stage in life when his parents showed interest in visiting Badrinath, he enquired everything around for them then. After taking care of all the arrangements, when he accompanied his parents, he was not satisfied with the arrangements, but it was too late by then. Later his father along with some elderly friends decided to go on tour, then, the roots of becoming a tour operator materialized. His devotional tour packages become a hot cake very soon as his package included everything which any customer will like to have.
After becoming a tour operator based in Hyderabad, he had been to Badrinath some 32 times and 7 times to Kailash Mansarovar. More number of time to these places than his native place and that too in a very short span of 11 years, beginning 2006.
Today with 175 groups down the years since 2006, he has a satisfied customer’s base of nearly 6100. Though he doesn’t advertise much, the words spread about his capabilities from mouth to mouth and his calendar is full with tour packages of all kind. Apart from conducting devotional tours for elderly to Char Dham, Kailash Mansarovar, Jyotirling Yatra, Nepal and Muktinath, Sri Lanka and Shankari Shaktipeeth, South India Tours, Corporate and College Educational Tours, Kashmir and Vaishno Devi Tour and international tours like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Europe, South Africa, China, Hong Kong, Maldives, Australia, New Zeeland, America and not to forget Honeymoon tours.
Though very young in the filed of tour operators, Sai Ram has earned quite a reputation for providing trouble free quality service to everyone. It’s a mono show for him as he operates independently with no tie up with any other tour operators. With the best of the services offered by him to his customers, his popularity is gaining momentum as an excellent tour operator with personal touch which most of the customer’s vouch for it and trust him for his trouble less service anytime, anywhere.


At Sai Krishna Tours, nothing matters to us more than our customers’ experiences. We envision to be an authentic, reliable and trustworthy source of medium for people to experience the joy of travelling like never before. In fact, it is our constant endeavor to provide the best quality products & services to our customers. Through improved partnerships & customer relationships, we aim to redefine tourism for Indian nationals.


Our mission is to create enjoyable and safe travel experiences tailored to the specific needs of older adults. We aim to provide enriching tours that promote learning, cultural exploration, and social connections. Our priority is to ensure the comfort and well-being of our senior participants while fostering a sense of community and happiness throughout the journey. Mission is driven by a deep commitment to providing exceptional and memorable travel experiences tailored exclusively for Senior Citizens


Our vision is to become a renowned and trusted provider of exceptional travel experiences, catering to individuals of diverse backgrounds and interests, including senior citizens. We envision fostering a global community of passionate travelers who embrace exploration, cultural immersion, and sustainable tourism practices. Our goal is to continuously innovate and refine our services, promoting
Our Speciality


Our 14 year old legacy of knowledge, experience & destination expertise enables us to provide a wide range of products with 100% customization. Given our global partnerships with reputable hotels & service provides, we avail middlemen free pricing and 24 x 7 assistance. At Sai Krishna Tours, we take it up as our responsibility to look after each & every aspect of our customers’ experience at the destination. With us, travel becomes a qualitative, comfortable & enjoyable memory.
Our commitment to providing the best transportation for our customers is unwavering. We meticulously curate a selection of transportation options that align with the preferences and needs of our clients. Safety is paramount in our transportation services. We collaborate with experienced and licensed drivers who prioritize the well-being of our passengers. Our drivers are not only skilled at navigating various routes, but they also adhere to all traffic regulations to guarantee a secure journey. Ultimately, our dedication to providing the best transportation for our customers stems from our desire to create unforgettable travel memories.
we prioritize the well-being and safety of our participants by providing professional and knowledgeable guides. Our tour guides are not only experts in the destinations we visit but are also well-trained in safety protocols and emergency procedures. They ensure that participants have a seamless and enriching experience while keeping their safety as the top priority. Our guides are local experts, offering valuable insights into the culture, history, and attractions of each destination. They engage with participants, answering questions, and providing valuable information to enhance their understanding and enjoyment of the tour.
Time Management
Maintaining a well-structured schedule ensures that all activities and events run smoothly, providing participants with a seamless and enjoyable experience. By adhering to the specified timings, we can maximize the time spent at each destination, allowing ample opportunity for exploration and engagement. Moreover, being punctual demonstrates our commitment to professionalism and respect for participants' time, fostering a positive and trustful relationship. As we lead by example, our emphasis on punctuality encourages participants to follow suit, contributing to the overall efficiency and satisfaction of the tour. With attention to time management, we can create a cohesive and memorable journey, leaving participants with lasting impressions and cherished memories of their tour experience.
We prioritize the utmost care and responsibility for handling participants' baggage. Our team ensures that baggage is securely stored and transported between destinations, minimizing the risk of damage or loss. We employ reliable and trained staff to handle baggage, following strict protocols to maintain its safety throughout the journey. Participants' belongings are carefully tagged and tracked, making it easy to identify and retrieve their baggage whenever necessary. We also provide assistance with loading and unloading luggage, alleviating any inconvenience for our guests. We offer guidance on appropriate packing and travel tips to help participants organize their belongings efficiently. This ensures that they have all the necessary essentials while keeping their luggage manageable and hassle-free.